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We currently have a position open for an apprentice hair stylist for our salon in East Beach, Selsey. Our ideal candidate will be of school leaving-age up to 18, enthusiastic, eager to be part of the salon industry and wanting to work alongside learning. 

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Vivid Duo

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Product Highlight

This combination of Vivid colour lock shampoo and conditioner is a must-have if you want to keep your colour bright and shiny. It improves hair strength which assists colour retention AND contains UV filter technology to reduce colour fade. The best part? This duo doesn't cost the earth, you can buy it from us for £20 and because it is very concentrated this will last you a long time. 


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Your hair questions...

How often should I wash my hair?

How do I prevent / get rid of split ends?

What are the most common hair colouring mistakes?

Q1: Once or twice a week is ideal. It helps maintain a healthy scalp and keeps hair oils balanced.

Q2: Getting rid of them completely is tricky, especially if they have travelled further up the hair. We recommend our keratin hair solution, using some hydrating products or having a hair cut.
Unfortunately prevention is better than a cure in this case. Use the right shampoo/conditioner/hair mask for your hair, always use a heat protection product when using heated tools (including a hair dryer!) be careful when pulling out hair accessories and hair bands, and never ever use a brush on wet hair. Only use a comb or a specifically designed wet-brush. 

Q3: The number one colouring mistake that we see is using box colour. I know, I know, we would say this because we are a hair salon - but honestly, with the amount of hair we have seen ruined and have had to fix /nurse back to health, it just isn't worth it. The second mistake we always see is someone with a tone that is wrong for them. Anyone can ask to be a red head, but is the level of red the right one for their skin tone? Is is right for the amount of times they wash their hair? Is is right for the amount of hair growth they achieve? Is it right for the clothing tones they wear?  

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Hair tips

Frizzy hair tips

Fix frizzy hair

We are coming into the time of year where jumpers cause static and the damper air enhances frizz. To reduce some of the annoying fly-aways and hair texture follow these steps: Avoid excessive towel drying, Use a conditioning treatment or hair mask once per week, don't wash your hair as often, use Hot Muk smoothing serum when blow drying and finishing your hair, and reduce the amount of hair brushing. (Always use a wide toothed comb when hair is wet, and use a paddle brush on dry hair.) 

Autumn hair colour

Maintain your hair colour

Use the right shampoo and conditioner, we recommend the Vivid Muk duo. Book in for regular toning in between your full head colours. Don't wash your hair too often. Use protective products when heat styling. Have a regular trim, it will surprise how much keeping your hair healthy will also enhance your colour! 

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