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Snip It Hair Salon Chichester
Our stylists work to the 'Elite' way. This guide ensures that our salon embodies our values and delivers the best experience possible. We truly understand that your appointment with us isn't just about 'getting your hair done.' We know that this time away could be the only break in your schedule, it could be the way you learn to love yourself a little more, it could be therapy, or your budgeted treat. At Snip it we take this very seriously and we want everyone to feel their importance. 
Snip It Hair Salon East Beach Selsey
Snip It's History
This little salon tucked away in East Beach, Selsey has actually been a salon for over 40 years. Tracey who now owns the salon, worked here when she was 14 (when it was named 'Lorrainz') and grew up in Selsey. When it came up for sale in 2014 she thought this was the perfect location to open her second hair salon.